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Diagnostic Testing

Radiography & Ultrasound Testing in Albany, GA

More commonly known as x-rays, radiographs are an extremely useful diagnostic tool when it comes to finding the best course of treatment for your pet. If a lump or abnormality is found on your pet’s body during their annual wellness exam, x-rays can help determine the size, shape or location of the abnormality. They are also useful for helping veterinarians discern foreign entities in the body, such as indigestible matter in your pet’s stomach, diagnosing gastrointestinal issues, heart and lung diseases and bladder stones.

Ultrasound provides a live image of the inside of your pet. These are used to diagnose and monitor diseases, including cardiac illnesses, and general biopsies. When used as a singular diagnostic tool, ultrasounds are a simple and stress-free way to to perform organ biopsies. Bush Animal Clinic utilizes cutting edge ultrasound technology in our facilities.

Although they are often considered members of our families, our beloved furry friends cannot tell us when they are experiencing pain, discomfort, or illness. Routine blood tests enable us to spot diseases, parasites and other existing health problems that are otherwise not apparent.

At Bush Animal Clinic, our facilities contain an extensive in-house laboratory where we are capable of processing a number of blood tests, including blood glucose, chemistry levels, and complete blood counts. We are also able to process pre-anaesthetic blood tests.

We also utilize a centralized reference laboratory where we are able to process more extensive diagnostic testing in a timely manner.

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure that allows your veterinarian to assess the interior surfaces of your pet’s organs. Endoscopy utilizes a flexible video camera that is inserted into areas of the body in order to investigate internal processes. For this procedure, anesthesia is required to sedate your animal to allow for successful investigation. However, this procedure is considered largely minimally invasive compared to other diagnostic methods, with little to no recovery time. Endoscopy is used when blood, radiograph, ultrasound and urine tests are not providing the answers needed to properly diagnose your pet.

Similar to endoscopy, video otoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that uses an otoscopy to capture images of the inside of your pet’s ear.

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